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COMACO: Transforming Lives and Conserving Zambia’s Wildlife

Community Markets for Conservation (COMACO), a social enterprise, has been making significant impact in Zambia for over two decades. Established in 2003 during a critical period of rampant poaching, COMACO emerged with an alternative solution to poaching.

Led by CEO Dale Lewis, the organization took a proactive approach, engaging with local communities affected by poaching to address the root causes of this crisis.

Dr. Lewis envisioned a transformative solution: offering alternative livelihood skills to poachers, such as conservation farming and beekeeping. The key was not only to educate but also to create a sustainable market for the crops grown by these individuals. The ground breaking initiative began with 23 men agreeing to the idea, laying the foundation for COMACO. Since then, the organization has successfully reformed over 2,000 poachers across Zambia.

The ongoing commitment to the transformation of poachers is evident in COMACO’s recent expansion of operations around the Kafue National Park. A training program is currently underway in Mumbwa, furthering the organization’s impact on conservation efforts in Zambia.

Beyond its work with former poachers, COMACO collaborates with over 263,000 small-scale farmers across 3 provinces and part of a fourth. The organization not only educates these farmers on conservation farming practices but also rewards them for their efforts by purchasing surplus crops at premium prices. These crops then become part of COMACO’s renowned food brand, It’s Wild!, featuring products such as Peanut Butter, Honey, Yummy Soy, Chama Rice, and Soya Pieces.

It’s Wild! products are celebrated for their health benefits and all-natural ingredients. In a recent development, COMACO has embraced the digital age by launching an online store at www.itswild.org. This platform allows customers to conveniently order their favorite It’s Wild! products from the comfort of their homes, with the added perk of doorstep delivery.

Purchasing an It’s Wild! product not only promotes personal health but also contributes to the support of small-scale farmers across Zambia and the conservation of the nation’s precious natural resources. With each product, COMACO and its customers are actively participating in the journey towards a sustainable and more harmonious coexistence between farmers and Nature.

To place your order for It’s Wild! products visit the ecommerce platform at www.itswild.org  or contact at sales@itswild.org +260971583282


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