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Expose ‘selfish’ millers, demands ex-minister

“SELFISH” millers exploiting consumers must be exposed so that serious action can be taken against them by the State, former Minister of Agriculture Maxas Ng’onga has said.
Mr Ng’onga said it was prudent that the media which was a fourth estate protected the people.
Some millers accessing maize under the tripartite agreement were selling mealie meal for as high as K17 per 25kg bag.
People are complaining over this behaviour by some millers, when the media take up a stance to expose them Government will take necessary action, Mr Ng’onga said.
“The challenge is that if Government is not informed about what is prevailing on the ground then it will not make take any action.
“Let’s make sure as the media we expose these acts, this is your role as the media to protect the public.People are suffering because some millers want to take advantage of Zambians, this is unfair and something need to be done.
“These millers are accessing maize at a very cheap price why should they exploit Zambians? So we asking you the media to help by exposing them,” he said.
Recently Minister of Agriculture Michael Katambo instructed that all millers accessing maize under the tripartite agreement must sell mealie meal at as low as K137.
He warned that millers exploiting the consumers would be banned from accessing cheap maize.
But Mr Ng’onga urged the media to help Government ensure millers with a tendency of exploiting consumers were sanctioned.

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