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MP challenged to join Covid-19 fight

PEMBA Member of Parliament, Mutinta Mazoka, and Council chairperson have been challenged to get on board and not to leave the fight against coronavirus to Government.
Pembe District Commissioner (DC), Reginald Mugoba, said that since the outbreak of Covid-19, he had never heard of either the MP or council chairperson sensitising the community.
He said that sensitising the community was a collective responsibility which was not just for Government alone.
Mr Magoba was speaking when he featured on Chikuni radio in Monze on Thursday.
Mr Magoba said it was wrong for anyone to think that the fight against the Coronavirus was Government’s responsibility alone.
“The spreading of information on prevention of Coronavirus is everyone’s responsibility not just for Government alone. I am challenging the MP and council chairperson to come on board and not leave issue to the government alone,” he said.
Mr Mugoba called on all leaders not to keep quiet but come out and give out information on Coronavirus to the people.

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