Nkana chiefs, fans daggers drawn

THE issue of us being sponsored is neither here nor there because no one has sponsored us as we have only raised serious concerns against the club president Everisto Kabila and Chief Executive Officer Charles Chakatazya, says Nkana Fans chairman Emmanuel Zulu.
But Kabila says that there is no mismanagement of finances at the club as the secretariat has qualified people that handles its accounts.
As the tug of war continues between the fans and the club executive, Zulu said their protest against the club administration was not sponsored by any element but by the passion that the supporters had for the club.
Zulu said that the supporters were agitated by the mismanagement of player contract affairs that had seen FIFA banning the club from engaging in player transfers for two seasons.
“For someone to say we are sponsored is illogical and neither here nor there because what we have done is only raise three legitimate concerns against the president and his CEO and none of them has responded to our concerns,” Zulu said.
“The first concern we raised was about the banning of our team by FIFA from doing transfers for three years because we were found guilty of breaching contractual obligations against our former goalkeeper Adams.
“And secondly on Aaron Katebe’s contract, we signed him and he did not even kick a ball at the club but let him go and failed to pay him K300, 000 and bailiffs pounced on the club. Then there is also the issue of Walter Bwalya,” said Zulu.
Zulu said that the players’ mismanagement on the part of the two club officials had cost Nkana a lot of money and hence the need to get rid of them.
But Kabila denied any mismanagement on his part and said that three exco officials were bank approvers and that his role was just to send an email to approve a decision suggested or agreed by the executive committee.
He said that Nkana FC was audited by a private company and Mopani internal audit committee and reports were always sent.
He said the latest audits by Mopani were done two months ago and that the club was commended for good work, and being the best amongst Mopani-sponsored clubs.
He said fans wishing to check records can visit the secretariat at Nkana Stadium and see the accountant,” Kabila said.
Nkana have in the past season been engulfed by infighting between the club administration and fans which first stemmed from the technical bench and later player management.

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