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Kasempa has 10 more FRA depots

KASEMPA district has been given 10 additional Food Reserve Agency (FRA) satellite depot to facilitate easy access for famers.
The agency has proposed to add 10 more satellite depots in Kasempa district in the 2020-2021 crop marketing season.
Kasempa District Commissioner (DC) Goodson Sansakuwa has thud expressed happiness on the proposed addition of satellite depots.
Mr Sansakuwa said the allocation of additional satellite depots would help farmers have easy access to the facilities.
“As district administration, we are very happy with the move by FRA to add more depots in the district because farmers have had challenges in terms of accessing these facilities,” he said.
He disclosed that the district had 14 satellite depots last season but that they had now increased to 24.
The district now has Chivuma, Kalombe, Nyoka, Kelongwa, Njenga, Mukunashi, Lunga Mukema, Old Ingwe, Mukema and Lubofu.
The rest are Kantenda, Kanongo, Kangibigi, Jifumpa, Kikokomene, Mpungu, Nseleuke, Kamakuku, Mufwashi, Mako, Bitumba Lukeka, Mbolumunene, Kamakechi and Dengwe.
He has advised farmers not to rush in selling their maize on the open market yet as the moisture content is still high.
“They should also wait for the maize flow price to be announced, otherwise, they may lose out,” he said.

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