Living with Covid-19, new normal

Dear editor.
When I leave my house, I make sure I carry 2 masks. I wear one for the first 5 hours and then I change to the other. If I want I can wear this the whole day, but I choose to use two. I think that if we, ordinary people show government that we are able to act responsibly by wearing masks, social distancing and washing our hands regularly, all sectors of the economy will be opened up. Life is getting hard in this covid period and we need to get observe the guidelines, so that we can show that we are indeed capable of surviving in the new normal. Buses should carry less number of passengers to enforce the new normal of social distancing. Bus drivers again must ensure their passengers have masks. No mask no bus ride. And police will be there to ensure that bus drivers not following this rule have their vehicles impounded.
Ingafyashupa, let us bring the soldiers on the streets. A few slaps of the unmasked individuals, and everyone will mask. Zambians only fear soldiers not ba kapola. Kapola are nice to people so they are taken advantage of. But no one will mess with a soldier. Everyone will obey.
It is just a few stubborn people who are refusing to mask up. But with soldiers on the streets, everyone will mask up. Just remember the cholera epidemic and how it was handled. There was order after the military personnel were sent on the streets.
New normal means we must change and embrace a new way of living. We can not continue suffering because of a few people refusing to adapt to the new guidelines. Enforcement is needed and needed fast. Zambia can do this.
New normal requires tough rules be enforced. We can do this if we do it together.
TINAH MUKUKA, Lusaka youth activist.

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