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‘Categorise business for locals’

ZAMBIA needs to put in place specific policies that separate investments between local and international to ensure that local people benefit.
This is according to the Federation of Small-Scale Mining Association of Zambia (FSSMAZ) president, Joseph Mwansa.
Pastor Mwansa emphasised the need for the country to have investments that were only for the local ones and foreign investments.
“We are not saying we don’t need investors. We need them, but not for something that we can do. Something that we can do should be left for us we need to developers our people,” he said in an interview.
Pastor Mwansa also stressed the need for Government to ensure stakeholders were consulted when making serious steps for the nation concerning the mining sector.
He regretted that Zambia was not benefiting enough from the mining sector as more revenue was being taken out of the country.
“We should learn to hear from others we will lose nothing if we develop the spirit of consultation. We will gain more when we begin to consult.
“They must be a policy that separates investments between local and international. They should be investments that are only for the local ones and foreign investments,” Pastor Mwansa said.
Pastor Mwansa also urged Government to heavily invest in the Ministry of Mine and Minerals.
“It is this ministry that brings investment and create employment it is the Vehicle of our economy. Ministry of Mines and Agriculture are the two key ministries that need investments. If we handle these two ministries nicely our economy will boost,” he said.

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