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Lubinda castigates hypocritical UPND

PARLIAMENT yesterday heard how the UPND leadership has continued denying Zambians their human rights with impunity.

Minister of Justice, Given Lubinda said it was disappointing that the UPND members of Parliament (MPs) who actively decampaigned the referendum on the bill of rights, and currently decampaigning the progressive bill 10 are now crying for human rights.

Debating the motion on African Peer Review Mechanism, UPND Mazabuka MP Gary Nkombo said human rights and freedom of expression had been clamped down by the PF Government.

Mr Nkombo said the closure of Prime Television was evidence that freedom of speech is under threat.

Opposition leader of the house, Jack Mwiimbu also said there was human rights violation under the PF regime. Mr Mwiimbu who is UPND Monze MP further said the ruling party was not tolerant to divergent views.

But Mr Lubinda said it did not make sense that the UPND MPs that had asked people to vote against the referendum on the bill of rights were now saying there was no human rights in Zambia when they had denied Zambians a blissful opportunity.

The Minister said he was dismayed by the UPND’s inconsistencies.

He said the UPND leaders have continued contradicting themselves by demanding for things that the bill 10 they are opposing is trying to advance.

He advised the leadership of UPND to stop playing double standards and support the progressive bill 10 for the sake of Zambians.

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