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Stop unnecessary roadblocks – minister


STOP mounting unnecessary roadblocks because they are not only an inconvenience to the public but also cause damage to the tarmac, Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo has directed the police.

Mr Kampyongo said unnecessary roadblocks have negative implications on the part of the travelling public and the road itself.

The minister made the directive when responding to UPND Kafue member of Parliament, Mirriam Chonya who complained that there were unnecessary roadblocks mounted by police officers between Lusaka and Kafue.

Ms Chonya said unnecessary roadblocks were inconveniencing the people and was a recipe for corruption.

Mr Kampyongo immediately urged the Inspector General of Police, MrKakoma Kanganja to stop the trend.

The minister said, “it is true that the unnecessary roadblocks not only inconvenience the travelling public, but also damages the road.”

He explained that when trucks are made to stop unnecessarily, that impact contributes to road damage.

Mr Kampyongo says only when there was serious need should checkpoints be mounted.

He noted that security roadblocks were necessary but warned police officers not to conduct themselves in a manner that infringes on the rights of motorists.’

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