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POWER hungry Bemba politicians have been warned against unprincipled alliances and a proliferation of parities for the sake of getting into power without thinking of consequences.
And a member of the Ukusefya Pa Ngwena Copperbelt committee has said most of those who have formed political parties with individual characters are not interested in developing the nation and improving people’s lives, but only interested in pushing personal agendas.
Mr Augustine Mubanga said the proliferation of political parties formed by people who have failed to serve under one individual was a clear indication of selfish and greedy people who are more interested in power than serving the interests of the people.
Mr Mubanga was reacting Chief Chikwanda’s recent remarks on the proliferation of Bemba-led political parties as an indication that Bembas were greedy.
In an interview in Kitwe recently, Mr Mubanga said those who want to be in leadership to improve people’ s lives must be ready to serve under some one because development is attained by a culmination of strengths, ideas and other issues.
“So any person who is not ready to be led then he is not interested in pushing the developmental agenda, but wants to be on top to lead others and push his own personal agenda.
“So it is not correct to think that all those who form political parties have an agenda for development and improving people’s lives. No, others form political parties to advance or push personal agendas,” Mr Mubanga said.
Mr Mubanga said those who want to push any developmental agenda will always humble themselves, exchange ideas and solutions on how best to deal with challenges and problems in the communities.
And an opposition leader has advised fellow politicians to scrutinize people they wanted to team up with.
New Congress Party (NCP) president Peter Chanda said political parties would be going against the principle of good governance by joining an alliance with the sole purpose of .

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