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Stop bad fishing methods, orders Lungu

By MARTIN AKENDE in Nchelenge
PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu says he will task the ministries of Fisheries and Defence to work on modalities to stop bad fishing methods on Lake Mweru in Luapula province.

And President Lungu said a team of experts from the Industrial Development Corporation-IDC-will be dispatched to assess the viability of the rubber plantation in Nchelenge. The President said in Nchelenge that the two ministries should work together to ensure bad fishing methods, which were depleting fish stocks on Lake Mweru, were curbed.
He said Government would ensure correct fishing methods were used to protect fish from depleting in the water bodies.
Mr Lungu said he would find out why the fish guards had abandoned water bodies before embarking on fish restocking exercise.
His sentiments came after Chief Nshimba expressed concern about the depleting fish on Lake Mweru due to bad fishing methods such as the use of mosquito nets.
President Lungu met three chiefs in Nchelenge who included Chief Nshimba of Kilwa Island, Chieftainess Kanyembo and Chief Kambwali’s representative Headman Shikapande.
Meanwhile, President Lungu said the assessment report will give government a position whether to partner with the IDC to resuscitate the plantation.
Before winding up his Visit to Nchelenge, President Lungu met the Nchelenge Pastors’ Fellowship.
Fellowship chairperson, Francis Mambwe, said the district administration does not consult the clergy in the governance of the district.

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