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Yali laughs at Sangwa

SOME opposition leaders who will file in nomination ahead of 2021 elections will be challenged in court for alleged corruption activities, Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) has said.

And YALI said even those opposition political party leaders fighting their jail sentence in court would be challenged.
YALI president Andrew Ntewewe warned that lawyer John Sangwa should not think that article 52 in the constitution of Zambia targeted President Edgar Lungu.
He indicated that every political leader was subjected to be challenged in court for various allegations leveled against them.
Mr Ntewewe told journalists yesterday, Mr Sangwa should be ready to defend his pay masters in court after filing in their nominations.
He was reacting to sentiments by Mr Sangwa that now that Bill 10 had fallen off, it was now time to challenge President Lungu’s third term race.
But Mr Ntewewe said what Mr Sangwa was saying was laughable because the Constitution Court had already ruled and nothing else would change.
He only reminded Mr Sangwa that it was him and his pay masters who would be disadvantaged come 2021 when they filed in nominations as they would spend time in court.
Mr Ntewewe indicated that some opposition leaders had been accused of being involved in corruption and this would be taken to court by all means.
“What third term is he talking about, we don’t know about this third term because the Constitutional Court made it clear. President Lungu has not been in power for 10 years.
This issue of third term only exists in his head and not reality. He is just playing to the political gallery,” he said.
And Mr Ntewewe proposed that the constitution amendment must be on hold for two to three decades.
He said the country already had a constitution which was working even when it had lacunas.
Mr Ntewewe indicated that the country was spending a lot money on constitutional amendment which can be channeled to other sectors of the economy.

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