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Police await complaint on ‘dirty’ 19 councillors

POLICE have not taken up the matter involving 19 councillors from Lusaka and Kitwe councils linked to illegal land allocation as a formal complaint has not been lodged, Police Assistant Public Relations Officer, Godfrey Chilabi has said.

Mr Chilabi said police could only take up the matter after getting the complaint and liaising with other bodies involved.
“As Zambia Police we have not taken up the matter because we are yet to receive a formal complaint,” Mr Chilabi said.
Meanwhile, Drug Enforcement Commission public relations officer, Theresa Katongo, said they had no information on the matter.
Last week, Local Government Minister, Charles Banda, announced that the probe into illegal land deals involving councillors in Kitwe and Lusaka had been concluded.
The minister indicated that a report of the investigations showed that 19 councillors were suspected to have engaged in illegalities and that they would soon be handed over to law enforcement agencies.

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