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...as Nawakwi says the UPND leader is haunted

I WILL not be silenced by Hakainde Hichilema’s empty threats and rantings because I have gathered strong evidence on the crimes he committed during privatisation which will be enough to book him a place in jail, Chilufya Tayali has said.

And FDD president Edith Nawakwi said it was Mr Hichilema who is a stooge of foreign interests and therefore should not drag her name into his troubled life.
Economic Equity Party leader, Chilufya Tayali said he was ready to table all the evidence against Mr Hichilema in court to prove that he committed crimes during privatisation of state-owned companies.
Mr Tayali was reacting to the UPND president’s threats that he would deal with Mr Tayali and Ms Nawakwi for being used by the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) to accuse him of corruption during privatisation.
Featuring on Radio Phoenix, ‘Let the people talk’ programme on Friday, Mr Hichilema said he was tired of being accused of corruption, adding that he was also aware that the PF Government was using its surrogates like Mr Tayali and Ms Nawakwi to incite some families where he bought farms to claim that he got those two properties through dubious means.
But Mr Tayali said it was he who would instead fix Mr Hichilema by ensuring that he was sent to jail for having committed crimes.
Asked if he was sponsored by the PF to accuse Mr Hichilema of corruption during privatisation, Mr Tayali said, “Far from it. I am not sponsored by PF. In fact, if there are people using me, those are the people that are crying for what HH did for them and not ba PF. Those people he deprived of jobs, houses and land.”
Meanwhile Ms Nawakwi said, “We all know that Mr Hichilema is the stooge for Anglo-America. I’m surprised that young man can today start calling me names.”
She said Mr Hichilema has a troubled mind and the best thing he needed to do was to return the properties that he plundered from the people of Zambia during privatisation.
“That young man has a troubled mind, my advice to him is that he should return the stolen property and make peace with the Zambian people before he can start thinking of aspiring to the higher office,” she said.
Ms Nawakwi said the UPND leader should stop carrying himself as a rich man because some of the properties he claims to own were allegedly not his but belonged to deceased persons.
She said Mr Hichilema will never know peace until the day he is going to return the properties which he allegedly stole from the Zambian people.

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