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PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu has become a more popular and stronger candidate than ever and come 2021 UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema will cry again, Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba has said.

Mr Mwamba, who is Patriotic Front (PF) national vice chairperson for mobilisation, said Mr Hichilema should continue day-dreaming that there would be regime change in 2021.
He said in an interview yesterday that President Lungu had become more popular both in rural and urban areas than he was in 2015 and 2016.
Mr Mwamba said President Lungu was now a very formidable contender than he was in the previous elections because of the numerous positives his government had scored.
Mr Mwamba said in 2015 there were squabbles in the party after the death of President Michael Sata, but Mr Lungu managed to beat Mr Hichilema who was known countrywide as a longstanding opposition leader.
He warned that come 2021 the opposition would feel the heat of the Head of State now that every Zambians had known him and he was receiving massive support.
“I recall in 2015 President Lungu was not popular and my brother Mr Hichilema was very popular and he campaigned more than what his Excellency the President did but you saw what happened he won the elections.
“So for me I can only say that they should be ready for another painful defeat in 2021, as a party we are not sleeping and even his Excellency is doing the best to interact with the people and not like what we are seeing our friends who are busy on social media,” Mr Mwamba said.

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