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Croc kills woman washing clothes on river bank

A 27-YEAR-OLD woman of Manyinga has died after being attacked by a crocodile along the Kabompo River whilst washing her clothes.

The incident happened on Monday 7 December around 17:00 hours at Mbututu village in Chitampalovu area.
And North Western Province Commissioner of Police Elias Chushi confirmed the sad development and identified the deceased as Linda Chinyama.
He explained that at a time the woman was caught by the reptile, she was washing her clothes along the banks of the river.
“It is at this point when she was caught by the reptile and itdragged her in the deep waters whilst her helpless mother Maggie Mbututu looked on,” explained Mr Chushi.
He mentioned that the partially eaten body was only found yesterday around 09:00 hours floating on the water where she was caught from.
He said police visited the scene and have advised Tue family to burry the body.

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