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…rallies all workers to back calls for debt relief

WORKERS in the country should join hands and demand for debt relief for Zambia following slowing down of the economy caused by the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic, ZCTU General Secretary Cosmas Mukuka has said.

He was speaking when he officiated at the Hotel, Catering, Tourism and Allied Workers Union of Zambia (HCTAWUZ) 14th quadrennial conference held at the Lusaka Hotel.
Mr Mukuka observed that Covid-19 had so far robbed Zambia a year in production time resulting in slowing down of the economy.
Mr Mukuka called on all unions to join the ZCTU in demanding that lenders forgive Zambia some of the monies it owes or postpone debt payment to allow the country to recover from the economic shocks caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.
He said the ruthless effects of Covid-19 throughout the world was first and foremost a human tragedy, affecting the health of Millions of people, the consequences of this has led to devastating impact on the global economy.
Mr Mukuka said hospitality industry was one of the sectors that has been hard hit by the outbreak of the Covid-19, which has presented the sector with unprecedented challenges because of the measures put in place aimed at combating the pandemic.
He said Covid-19 has brought out ugly reality to society and led to majority of the people, women and workers in particular to face extreme poverty, inequalities and unemployment.
He said while the hospitality industry was slowly recovering, the Covid-19 crisis continues to exert profound impact on how the sector operates.
Mr Mukuka said the hospitality industry was expected to make substantial changes to their operations in the Covid-19 businesses environment in order to ensure employees and customers health and safety.

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