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Aviation industry key, says Emirates


THE aviation industry remains one of the key sectors to drive economic recovery in the world and Zambia despite being disrupted by Covid-19.

Covid-19 outbreak has disrupted the aviation industry and economies at large, says Mohammed Bin Hafiz, Country Manager for Emirates in Zambia.

Despite this, Mr Hafiz said, the industry remained one of the key sectors to drive economic recovery.

“While signs of recovery abound, for this recovery to last, we all need to adhere to health guidelines and protect our customers.

“We must all pull together – airlines, the hospitality industry, airports, and regulators – to ensure we get through this time and are prepared for better times ahead,” he said his OP-ED.

Mr Hafiz acknowledged that travel had not been the same since the Covid-19 pandemic started over a year ago, with relentless daily rise in new cases coupled with varying levels of restrictions for travel.

However, he said, some countries and many travellers were already looking forward to a recovery period.

Vaccines, he said, would also play an important role in restarting travel and the tourism sector.

“We know people are yearning to fly, as borders around the world gradually re-open and news of the vaccine slowly brings a ray of hope on the horizon.

“After months of tight restrictions and uncertainty brought on by Covid-19, what most people are really looking for is some semblance of normality returning in their lives; some flexibility in their daily lives without compromising safety,” Mr Hafiz said.

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