2021 is ours – NDC

Fri, 09 Feb 2018 08:23:09 +0000


THE National Democratic Congress (NDC) is here to redeem the nation from bad governance and will undoubtedly scoop the 2021 general elections, party spokesperson Eric Chanda has claimed.

But 3rd Liberation Movement (3rd LM) president Enock Tonga charged that the opposition NDC was still in deep sleep to dream that it could scoop the 2021 elections. Mr Chanda vowed that the NDC Presidential candidate for 2021 would form government following a robust mobilisation campaign by the party.

He told the Daily Nation that party secretary general, Mwenya Musenge, to them popularly known as “John the Baptist” had rolled out an aggressive mobilisation campaign targeting all four corners of Zambia. Mr Chanda reiterated that a small number of people defecting to other political parties would not draw the party behind as 10 times more were defecting to NDC on a daily basis.

“Come 2021 my friend NDC is carrying the day. Our secretary general, Mr Musenge, us we call him ‘John the Baptist’ has rolled out an aggressive mobilisation campaign targeting all four corners of the country,

“With the mobilisation drive we have embarked on, we are scooping that election and even one or two people defecting to other parties will not derail us,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mr Tonga said that the NDC was still daydreaming and needed to wake up.

He reiterated that the NDC was being blind folded by the number of social media supporters to the detriment of what was really holding on the ground. Mr Tonga also swore that NDC would not even find itself on the top five as it had not made any tangible impact on the political scene.

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