400 Ndola retirees wait 16 years for arrears

Wed, 30 Nov 2016 07:33:56 +0000


By Nation Reporter

NDOLA City Council (NCC) retirees have given the council management and Ministry of Local Government seven days’ ultimatum to give feedback on progress made to settle their retirement packages failure to which they are to stage a protest.

Retirees chairperson Kenny Matavu, who addressed members that gathered at the civic centre yesterday, said members had become impatient.

Mr. Matavu complained that settlement of the 50 percent increment claims have dragged on for the last 16 years, accusing the system of not being sensitive.

“Today we wanted to show the ministry we mean business by disturbing business at the local authority; members are angry.

‘‘We have been seeking audience with the town clerk but we are informed that he is on leave and the mayor who took up the issue last week we are informed is unwell.

‘‘We would have removed people working in the council building outside because we are at pains at the pace management is handling the issue,” he said.

Mr. Matavu accused NCC management of hiding correspondence with the Ministry of Local Government from retirees on steps being taken to settle the issue.

Mr. Matavu produced a letter dated 11th November, 2016, from Ministry of Local Government permanent secretary Amos Malupenga addressed to the NCC town clerk on failure to produce records pertaining to the claim of non-implementation of the 2001 50 percent salary award.

“The letter with reference to the report MLGHCBP/101/7/2 from the Copperbelt local government office, the permanent secretary advised the local authority to attach the matter with the urgency it deserves, stressing that failure to submit original list of claimants was delaying comfortable settlement of the issue,’’ he said.

The letter advises Ndola City Council that should they fail to produce documents by 18th November 2016 the PS is to make a decision without the council’s submission.

“The letter states that the principal local government auditor who chaired the meeting in Lusaka intimated that the council had failed to produce our records in that meeting and we have made frantic efforts to inquire if it has submitted as per subject of the query from the ministry but the response is not satisfactory.

“As retirees we feel the local authority is hiding something to pay us. Sixteen years two months is a long period of time,” he said.

Mr. Matavu appealed to the ministry to appoint an officer to engage the retirees on the issue, stating that the communication breakdown with the council was building anxiety with among his members.

He warned that the retirees would react as they had waited for too long. Over 400 NCC retirees are claiming settlement of 50 percent increment of arrears.

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