Appoint Masebo tribunal

Tue, 08 Jan 2013 12:34:19 +0000

President Michael Sata has been challenged to set a tribunal to investigate Tourism Minister Sylvia Masebo on the allegations levelled against her.

Former Transport Minister William Harrington says that a tribunal to investigate Ms Masebo would help resolve the matter, especially where the fight against corruption was concerned.

Mr Harrington said in an interview with the Daily Nation that the ongoing allegations levelled against Tourism Minister needed her to give her side of the story, because failing or ignoring Zambia Public Procurement Agency (ZPPA) Act was detrimental to the conduct of business on grounds that she was not in the position to do so.

He said the allegations would not be resolved through the media alone, but instead should be put in the hands of a competent tribunal, so that she gives her side of the story, because it was wrong for Ms Masebo to have failed to follow procedure in the cancellation of the 19 hunting safari tenders, as alleged.

Mr Harrington claimed that the channel Ms Masebo took abrogated the ZPPA Act, adding that this was a sensitive matter in the wildlife sector that needed to follow laid down procedure.

“My suggestion is to set up a tribunal to investigate Masebo which will help to solve this matter, and the allegations are not different from Dora Siliya by then Transport Communication Minister over Zamtel as well as the alleged abuse of authority in connection with the installation of radar system at the Airport.”

He said he felt that concern as a patriotic citizen it would be prudent if he took the challenge to apply for a tribunal in the same manner Ms Siliya’s case was handled.

“As a concerned citizen, I want to take the challenge to apply for the tribunal to chief Justice so that Ms Masebo undergoes investigations, and in this regard, I do not expect the President to endorse the decision,” he said.

He said although the Minister had a supervisory role to play, she had no powers to cancel tenders because such would interfere with the procurement process, which she decided to abrogate.

And Mr Harrington has further demanded for the resignation of Ms Masebo from her position to pave way for investigations.

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