Catholic Church doubts new Constitution

Thu, 18 Oct 2012 14:11:00 +0000

The Catholic Church has expressed skepticism over the current Constitution making process which it says risks being manipulated in the absence of a legal framework.

Zambia Episcopal Conference (ZEC General Secretary Father Cleophas Lungu emphasized that Zambians deserved the best out of the current Constitution making process.

Fr. Lungu said that Zambians were expecting a new constitution that would stand the test of time and carry a full reflection of what the people of Zambia wanted in over 48 years of independence.

But Fr Lungu however said without the legal frame work the whole process would be an attempt in futility.

He assured that the Church in the country would not rest until Zambia was served with a Constitution that would stand a test of time despite the current failure by government to legalise the process.

He said that the church would continue pressing on the technical committee of experts drafting the Constitution and government to ensure that the exercise was people driven and government showed political will in the process.

Fr Lungu had since urged Zambians to actively participate in the ongoing Constitution making process.

The PF have already opposed key clauses in the Constitution such as the 50 percent plus one vote threshold for a winning Presidential candidate and Vice presidential running mate.

And the University of Zambia Students Union (UNZASU) president Ali Tunkara urged Zambians to participate in the constitutional making process because it was the only time they have been given to look at the document.

Mr. Tunkara said that he did not see anything wrong in the way the process was being done, adding that those calling for government to come up with an act of parliament in support of the current constitutional making process should petition for that.


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