Count Lozis out of Zambian Constitution, insists Ngambela

Wed, 05 Sep 2012 10:13:05 +0000

THE Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) has maintained it is not ready to send representatives to the on the ongoing district consultative forum meetings on the Zambian Constitution.

According to a letter written to the Mongu Town Clerk, Ngambela Clement Sinyinda said the establishment would not send any representatives to participate in the meeting, because it was imprudent.

Mr. Sinyinda said the situation had been  compounded by the fact that in the previous BRE submissions including those of the ordinary Lozis had never been considered  by the Constitutional Review Commissions.

Mr. Sinyinda stated that it showed that the Zambian government had no intention to  respect and honour their views.

“In view of the aforesaid, it is not prudent for the BRE to participate in the said meetings. Thus the BRE shall not send any representative to the said meeting and the like,” the letter stated.

Only last week, the Lozis maintained that they were not interested in submitting their comments on the ongoing Constitution making process because it was not beneficial to them.

The Lozis stated that they were working on their own Constitution that would stand the test of time and benefit the people of Western Province.

It was reported that the silence by the Lozis over the secession bid did not mean that they were compromised, but was a sign that they were doing things peacefully.

And some Lozi officials have lauded a step taken by the Ngambela for not participating in the Zambian Constitution process.

The officials said all the decisions that were made in the area were not meant for an individual but the entire people.

The Lozis said issues to deal with Barotseland was for the benefit of the people who had for a long time been not taken account of.

“We are happy that the Ngambela has made such a decision, and this is final because what will be discussed will not add value to our people. For a long time, none of our decisions has ever been taken to account off,” the officials said.


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