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The Government should not dismiss the notion of impeachment lightly.

This terminology exists on the statutes because it is an eventuality that is feasible if the Presidency is seen to violate the constitution consistently.

It is a real possibility that should not be dismissed without thought. It is a likely occurrence in the event that contentious issues facing the nation are not dealt with in an appropriate manner. These include issues of justice, equity and just abuse of power.

The tone of the Catholic Bishops letter gave a snapshot of the general assessment of the government, which assessment was not too complimentary.

It pointed to a climate of growing frustration and anger that illegality and unconstitutional conduct are gaining ground. The use of state power to promote private business interests over national good continues to cast this Government in a pall of illegality which must be cleansed. It is a betrayal of public trust which will turn ardent supporters into indifference and ultimately into opposition.

The Presidency, it must be remembered is a creature of statute and can not therefore be above the law. It must be seen to be above board and in the forefront of best practices.

That is why it is important that whoever offers advice to the President does so mindful that citizens are sensitive to any indication that the President is dealing with issues in a partial manner, devoid of the legality, legitimacy and integrity that is expected of the Head of State.

Of course the President may have his own views on many issues, views which may not be expressed in the most diplomatic manner. This however is the risk that those close to the President must take if they are to ensure that the office is not demeaned by decisions that are illegal and an affront to good governance.

It must be clear to government that there is a growing frustration and anger in the nation, which feelings were expressed in a very mild manner by the Catholic Bishops in their letter to their flock and to all the people of goodwill.

One of the tenets they emphasized was consultation. They acknowledged that while the President had constitutional authority which allowed him tremendous latitude of action, this power must be exercised with circumspection and in consultation with stakeholders.

The President’s decision on the selection of Chief Justice should have been guided by the law and sentiments of the legal fraternity in the first place. It was unrealistic for the President to consider riding roughshod on such an important matter.

 RB summons

It is certainly unacceptable, illegal and a complete abuse of law- the constitution in particular for the ACC and the so called joint investigation team to summon former President Rupiah Banda to an interview over alleged cases of corruption and criminality.

We are aware that thieves and plunderers have been frequenting the ACC offices demanding for the removal of President Rupiah Banda’s immunity.

It is unconscionable and certainly improper for the ACC to respond to individuals who have no credibility let alone integrity.

If need be we are prepared to cite the days and times in which these hard hearted hypocrite have visited the ACC offices with the sole purpose of stampeding the Commission into precipitate action against RB.

This temerity should not be accepted.

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