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Mon, 29 Jan 2018 15:01:06 +0000

Kambwili has overstepped his bounds

Dear Editor

Chishimba Kambwili has overstepped his boundary of freedom of expression by launching the unbridled virulent insults against President Lungu and his daughter Tasila. His video has gone viral and most people have been angered and revolted by the language he has used.

It is one thing to engage in positive political dialogue and another to launch a personal attack on the President and his family. It is particularly tasteless for Kambwili to attack Tasila who has not done anything to provoke him.

IN any country the insults would have been followed with public retribution because the President was elected by the people and anybody who insults the President is actually insulting the people that elected him into office.

I have listened to Kambwili so many times and it would appear that his main problem with President Lungu and his special assistant for Press and Public Relations is that they are building.

What is wrong with building, if indeed the two are building?

Kambwili should go further and tell the people the corruption involved in the buildings that the two are undertaking. He has boasted of building in Luanshya and Lusaka and nobody has suggested that this was corruption.

His continued of derogatory Bemba sayings against the President is an affront that should be allowed to pass because doing so would be encouraging anarchy and lack of respect for an important state institution.

Our politics should be of substance and not for a for venting personal dislikes which have nothing to do with governance. The fact that Kambwili does not like the President does not mean that the entire agrees with him. If anything there are many people who feel very offended by the remarks he has been making to the extent that they feel like taking the law into their own hands to sort him out.

The remarks by Commando speak volumes of the anger that Kambwili is generating and the sooner he realises his folly the better.

Time has also come for all those following him to realise the type of shallow leader that Kambwili is. He is not a man to be relied upon to give cogent leadership.

Lets have clean politics that will develop the country rather than continue o belittle each other and in the process undermine whatever credibility the international community the international community the international community may hold.

Elliot Tumeo


Leaders must learn from President  Lungu’s visits to constituencies

Dear Editor,

Political leadership is centred on rendering various services to the electorate. Zambia is not an exception.

There is a common tendency among some of our political leaders who shun visiting their respective constituencies and wards for instance. These political leaders include members of parliament.

During campaign period, these politicians promise a lot of things regarding development projects to woo support from the electorate.

When these politicians garner the much needed support, they emerge victorious by virtue of winning elections.

However, it has become a common trend for some politicians to shun visiting their constituencies thereby depriving the electorate of the much needed development.

President Edgar Lungu made a pronouncement that he would start visiting the constituencies so that he can personally interact with people.

Furthermore, this will help the Head of State assess performance of the lawmakers in their respective constituencies.

We are tired of these absent lawmakers in our constituencies.

Worse still, some of  our politicians only make themselves available to the electorate during election time.

Some of our lawmakers holding ministerial positions give the excuse that they are preoccupied with the government tasks, but that is not good enough

This should not be condoned because we the electorate are being taken for granted by leaders we voted into power.



Govt should stop Ndeke basic school from hiking fees

Dear Editor

I write as a parent with dismay over some government schools that are over charging pupils in this country.

It is ridiculous for any serious headmaster to hike school fees when we all know that the Zambian economy is not performing well with very few Zambians in jobs.

Most parents are struggling to pay school fees for their children.

We parents of Ndeke basic school which is within ZAF  Lusaka base are shocked that pupils who have passed their grade 9 into grade 10 are being asked to pay a sum K2,000 to school.

Can the ministry of education take stern interest into this school?

This is cruel as school authorities appear not to have a heart for

We therefore urge the minister of education to intervene in this these fees per child at this school.

Concerned parent


What has Zambia maintained its  worst performing police service?

Dear Editor,

Allow me some space in your newspaper to urge our President to do something about police service.

If Zambia police is 4th worst performing entity in the world, surely that calls for swift action to correction the situation.

By now I expected that some heads would have rolled, but it lo it is a forgotten issue.

Even locally our police has continued to be rated the most unethical on the corruption index but nothing has been done about it.

Does this mean we are all happy with our police in its current state? Then why maintain it if it is there just for its men and women to receive their salaries for doing nothing?

Well, nobody is going to correct this rotten situation but Zambians themselves because a country without a professional police service is as good as dead.

Already our dead police is affecting the smooth operations of our Judiciary which has now become the home of nolles and acquittals because the police have stopped doing their work.

For how long are we going to be watching our men and women in uniform collect their salaries for doing nothing as their corruption index keeps rising.

Talk about corruption, our traffic cops have the even the cheek to ignore the minister’s instructions to cut down on the number of road blocks. Still nothing happens to them.

If this situation is allowed to continue, this country will slump into serious lawlessness from which it will be extremely difficult to come out. We all can guess the outcome.

Where I come from in the East (land of wise men) there is a saying that advises that one can safely cross a river then water levels are only above the knee.

In other words, if one attempts to cross the river when the water levels have risen to the chest level, chances are that this individual will be swept but the current and drown.

Please can we see some serious reforms in our police service now by retiring dead and corrupt wood?

Let those with powers please act swiftly to put life in our dead police service which is has become a big shame internationally.

 Ganizani Banda, Mandevu




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