Mulongoti blasts defiant Police

Thu, 31 Jan 2013 10:04:09 +0000

Zambians stand ready to fight anyone who is going to bring anarchy in the nation by not respecting and following court orders, former Minister of Works and Supply Mike Mulongoti has said.
The Lusaka High Court on Friday issued a Writ of Possession allowing Antonio and Manuela Ventriglia to take possession and protect Zambia Portland Cement (ZPC) while court proceedings were still going on, but Police could not allow the service of the Writ.
Lawyer representing the Ventriglians today intend to meet the Attorney General Mr. Mumba Malila who is the government’s chief legal advisor to complain about the disregard of the law by police.
Commenting on the revelations that Police on the Copperbelt refused to allow the Sheriffs of Zambia and Bailiffs to enforce a Lusaka High Court Writ of Possession to allow Antonio Ventriglia and Manuela Ventriglia who were deported by Home Affairs Minister Edgar Lungu take possession and defend the property of Zambezi Portland Cement Limited, Mr. Mulongoti said that Zambia would not allow lawlessness no matter who was involved.
Mr. Mulongoti said that it did not matter who was involved in defying court orders but that Zambians would stand up and defend the rule of law and not allow people with particular connection to government rape the constitution.
“I have no particular intention at a personal level to discuss this matter but what is paramount is the respect of the rule of law. No matter who is involved and the connections one has with government. Zambians, we shall fight anyone who is going to bring anarchy by refusing to respect any such court orders served on them. No matter who is involved, it doesn’t matter who it is, as long as they are defying court orders we shall fight them,” he said.
Mr. Mulongoti warned that those using their connection with the system to abuse the justice system of the country, time would soon catch up with them.
“I want to warn them that the wheel of justice will soon catch up with them no matter how slow they turn but it is only one day for the police officer to make such a decisive move. They should not forget that there are 99 days of a thief or criminals and one day for a police officer to make such a decisive action,” he said.
He warned that Zambians and all senior citizens would not allow people for their business interests to refuse to obey court orders or disrespect the laws of the land.
“Not in this country, we shall not allow people to get away with impunity. Whoever is doing that for his personal benefits should not forget that one day we will find him and if he is doing that on behalf of the leadership, they must also know that time is short for them to continue behaving like that. 2016 is very near,” said Mr. Mulongoti.
Police have been guarding the premises ever since Andrew Kamanga appointed by Finance Bank Chairman Raja Mahtani illegally took over administration of the Zambezi Portland Cement Limited.
Prominently among those that have condemned the action by the police was National Restoration Party (NAREP) president Elias Chipimo Junior who said that disobeying the court order would amount to contempt of the court and would suggest that there was impropriety in the deportation of the Ventriglia.
Home Affairs Minister Edgar Lungu has since been challenged to give government’s position on the matter and whether he had sanctioned the police to prevent the execution of the court order.

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