Mutinta M’membe case ruling set

Fri, 16 Feb 2018 12:27:58 +0000


THE Lusaka Magistrates’ Court is on March 16th 2018 set to rule on whether Mutinta Mazoka M’membe has a case to answer in a matter in which she is charged with obstructing police officers who had gone to her residence to execute a search on February 15th 2017.

When the matter came up for cross examination before magistrate Faidess Hamaundu, Inspector Chakuchanya Ngulube told the court that his intention was not to apprehend the accused but to execute a search as ordered by the court.

Ngulube when cross examined by Mulambo Haimbe said there was a video evidence which did not have the part where the search warrant was torn by the accused and he could not produce it as evidence before the court.

He said it was the court’s duty to determine the relevance of such evidence as he saw it of no use to bring it before court because it had no part where the accused tore the search warrant.

The state has closed its prosecution in this matter which has been adjourned to March 16th 2018 for ruling.

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