Ndola MP urges youths to be creative

Tue, 04 Oct 2016 08:10:13 +0000

NDOLA Central Member of Parliament Emmanuel Mulenga has called on youths to create opportunities for themselves amidst job scarcity through idea generation. Officiating at a book launch authored by a youth Webster Twaambo, Mr.Mulenga said instead of relying on Government, the youths needed to be entrepreneurs on their own, stand on their own feet and create employment opportunities for others.

“Today, I am happy that despite the challenges of youth unemployment, we still have others that have taken up the challenge to become entrepreneurs and create employment for their fellow youths,” he said. Mr.Mulenga said many great innovations that have taken the world by storm where ideas which were seen through eyes of challenges that people faced.

Noting that the Government of President Edgar Lungu had placed much emphasis on the plight of the young people, Mr.Mulenga urged youths not to limit their vision but work hard.

He urged youths  to learn to be economically industrious and disciplined because the practice was a foundation to success. On the launch of the book, Mr.Mulenga said the success of Mr Twaambo as author was an indication that youths can make it even in challenging times.

“I know writing and putting ideas together takes a lot of time and dedication and for that I would like to congratulate the author for your resilience.

‘‘In this day and age when most youths engage in bad vices it is encouraging to find young men and women doing something productive in their lives not only to enrich or empower themselves but to empower others, young and old, through shared knowledge,” he said.

Mr.Mulenga encouraged Zambians to awoken the culture of reading if individuals were to turn ideas into  skills which in turn would bring about change in communities.

“They say an idle mind is the devil’s workshop; let us not make our minds the devil’s workshop. Let us spend our time reading books that will build us; books that will help us grow socially, economically and spiritually,” he said.

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