Open letter to Namulambe from concerned Lamba

Thu, 13 Dec 2012 15:16:51 +0000

Dear Gabriel,

I hope this letter finds you in a good financial position seeing that you have joined the ruling party on purely personal gains.
I respect your decision to join the PF, as a matter of fact it is your democratic right to do so.

However, I am writing this letter deep from the thickets of Chief Mushili’s area, I am doing so because this is a personal note from a concerned Lamba.

Dear fellow tribesman, I wish to remind you that when you were campaigning in Mpongwe, you threatened our bemba cousins with expulsion from Lambaland if they voted for PF & not MMD.

Ba Mwisho, you have consistently used the lamba people for your personal gain since you were Permanent Secretary for the Copperbelt, may I wish to remind you that when President Banda almost sacked you, you went running to Lamba Chiefs to plead with the Head of State, you were not fired.

That meeting was held at Directors Lodge in Luanshya, I was there!

Ba Mwisho let me remind you that the people you are cowering before today in the PF, are the same people you slandered with so much venom just little less than 12 months ago.

Gabriel today you have decided to join the PF, and you claim to be representing the Lamba people, is that really true?

Where are you when lamba’s have to grapple with 10hrs of annoying power outages simply because they are in a rural area in Chief Mushili’s area?

Where are you when a lamba woman has to give birth under a tree because the nearest rural heath center in Chief Lumpuma’s area is beyond the reach of the common man?

Ba Mwisho, where are you when the Lamba’s you claim to represent have no access to even the simple basic necessities as mealie meal in Chief Chiwala’a area?

Today, let us set the record straight, Gabriel you do not represent any Lamba but your stomach.

The only time in your life when you realize that you are a lamba Gabriel, is when an opportunity to put food on your table alone such as this.

The only time when you claim to represent lamba’s ba Mwisho is when your very own stomach is on the verge of going to b bed empty such as this.

You have done so since President Mwanawasa died.

We are sincerely asking you to stop dragging innocent lamba’s in your highly immature politics of self-enrichment.

Kwena Ino Pindi twa katala naimwe Ba Mwisho (This time we are tired of you Gabriel Namulambe)

I wish you success in your future endeavors as you falsely claim to represent a people you have neglected.

Yours Truly,

Ba Mwisho Wenu,

Kasabo S. Kalussa

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