PF aiding impunity, corruption, illegality

Wed, 23 Jan 2013 12:23:37 +0000

Senior members of the Patriot Front have been challenged to uphold the rule of law and prevail upon law enforcement agencies to ensure that court orders concerning Zambezi Portland Cement were enforced.

Civil Rights advocate Brebner Changala said the anarchy prevailing a severe indictment on the failure by Government to observe tenets and dictates of the law.

“ I would like to appeal to decent members of the PF including the Minister of Finance Mr. Chikwanda, the Vice President Guy Scott, the Chairman Mrs. Inonge Wina, the Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Given Lubinda,  to prevail on Dr. Rajan Mahtani and the Police to realize the damage the impunity was exacting on the Judicial system in the country.

He appealed to the church in Zambia to pray for Dr. Mahtani, Police and the Patriotic Front administration to acknowledge the great wrong being committed against the people of Zambia in undermining the rule of law.

“You can not have a businessman disregard court order and get away with impunity.” he said.

How indeed, he asked, could the illegal management of Andrew Kamanga open a Bank account in Finance Bank when procedures for opening accounts demanded the production on genuine corporate documents which the illegal administration could not produce.

“You need Articles of Association, Board resolution and other documents to open an account, where did these come from? Are they genuine? And who are the signatories to the account?” he asked.

“My biggest worry is that our judiciary has been rendered impotent by such unbridled acts of disobeying the law as we see in ZPC” he said.

“This company has bonafide owners with a full mandate legitimized by the court  and therefore by law to run this  company and yet we see n individual with connections ignoring  this system.” he said.

He called upon the Law Association of Zambia to take a position on the matter in order to restore the dignity and respect of the law, “A very bad precedence is being set and when the rule of law completely breaks down in this country it is the ordinary Zambians who have nowhere else to go who will suffer the full consequences’.” he said.

Mr. Changala also warned Andrew Kamanga the  illegally installed Chief Executive that no matter how long the ZPC issue would take dire consequences that would affect his life time credibility would come to pass.

“Kamanga is a  friend I have held in very high esteem for a long time, that is why it has come as a shock that he would be assisting Zambian law and judicial system, by participating in schemes that are not supported by any court order in their favour.” he said.

The only consolation, he  said, was the fact that  one day the sleeping giant, the people of Zambia would wake uop “and all these law breakers will be made to account for.

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