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IT IS nonsensical and a waste of energy for civil society constitution agenda and its chairperson Bishop John Mambo to demand validation of president Lungus election, when he was already declared duly elected by the electoral commission of Zambia, Evangelical youth alliance has said.

Bishop John Mambo on Tuesday suggested that the patriotic front should use legal means to prove that president Lungu was legitimately elected, to convince the UPND to recognize him.

But Evangelical youth alliance president Rev Moses Lungu said Bishop Mambo should not waste energy on unprofitable bickering and politicking as President Lungu was already declared duly elected president of the country.

He said Bishop Mambo should know by now that President Lungu was legitimately elected and was declared winner by the electoral commission of Zambia which was an autonomous body established by an act of parliament.

“This is time to work, why is Bishop Mambo busy bickering? What is he talking about? Is he saying the electoral commission is not legitimate? Observers were there. What proof is he looking for? Why can’t he just engage in more profitable ventures rather than wasting energy on such issues.

“The youths don’t have jobs, people are in poverty, these are the issues we should be addressing. Our role as the clergy is to advise government and bring people together, let us give chance to the president to work. It is time for work,”Rev Lungu said.

He said that Bishop Mambo should be thinking about how to create employment for the youth and to pray for the president and government to find solutions to the many challenges that society was facing unlike politicking.

Rev Lungu said that the Bishop should know that the same institution that declared president Lungu duly elected was the same institution that declared the UPND members of parliament winners in their constituencies, therefore there should not be an issue of legitimacy.

He said Bishop Mambo had abandoned his great commission which was to preach peace, unity and reconciliation and was now behaving like a party cadre.

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