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Mon, 26 Feb 2018 08:50:01 +0000

DMMU, where are the floods?

Dear Editor,

Heavy rains expected from February 22-26, 2018 in Lusaka, Northwestern, Southern and Western Provinces. Take precautionary measures as flooding is expected”. These are the messages the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) has been flashing across the country. Its 26th February today and no serious rains have been experienced. Why did our meteorologists mislead DMMU?

CM, Lusaka


Corrupt Misisi cops

Dear Editor,

Police Officers at Misisi Police Post have become day light robbers. I was arrested on Wednesday around 18:00 hrs when they found me with my fiancée seated by the roadside. I was forced to pay K100 for my freedom for the offence I did not know. I don’t know if the state of emergency has been announced. If not then the IG must come in and scatter these thieves before a lot of damage is done. Money is difficult to find these days but these people are using uniforms to grab money from us citizen.
Chipulu, John Laing


Chipenzi a UPND cadre in NGO skin

Dear Editor,

Those fake NGOs who want the mandate of the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) to be extended to monitoring political party activities is highly misplaced and unconstitutional. ECZ role starts and ends with elections. Don’t drag an independent body into your dirty politics. Just the other day you demonized ECZ and labeled it corrupt because of its fairness and integrity in handling elections in Zambia. ECZ is an independent body tasked to professionally organize, conduct and deliver elections in Zambia. Mr. Chipenzi you are a UPND cadre in an NGO skin. Please stop that dirty game leave ECZ alone until 2021. Johncky


Kalaba disowned?

Dear Editor,

Please tell me who has the right to disown who and for. I was amazed to read in your esteemed paper that Luapula Mayors have disowned Harry Kalaba. What has he done to them? Is it for expressing himself as per his constitutional and God given rights? This harassment of each other for whatever reason must be stopped forthwith. The press can surely help in educating our people.

True Patriot


Mirinda drink

Dear Editor,

I am a regular buyer of Mirinda drink. My concern or maybe an advice to the Mirinda drink manufacturers is that, the reduction in quantity from 350ml to 250ml for the same cost is too much. Let them put it at 300 ml at least because now the drink has become too little to quench my thirst. Thank you.

Sydney Nalwendo


Chopper ambulances

Dear Editor,

Why can’t the government buy choppers to be placed at teaching Hospitals for use as emergency ambulances? Flying is faster than driving. Imagine a mass casualty happening in Rufunsa and which could take 1 hour 30 minutes’ drive to Levy Mwanawasa or UTH but a chopper can take just 30 minutes. Good time enough to save patients. It’s suggestion.

Concerned youth, Chongwe



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