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Thu, 29 Sep 2016 09:12:05 +0000

The wise from the East


When Rupiah Bwezani Banda lost the election in 2011, he cried but the wise people of Eastern Province did not kill anyone for that unlike what transpired in Southern Province in Namwala.

Concerned citizen


New PF general secretary is a dictator


I wish to express my concern on the leadership of Mr. Davis Mwila, the new SG. Please, President Edgar Lungu, this man you have given us is not a leader but a dictator and likes imposing things that is probably why he lost the election as MP. Being SG is a big task. Mr. Mwila should not hide in the name of SG and impose things but listen to the general membership and let people exercise their rights. Don’t create problems within PF. Why threaten to discipline anybody who contests for the deputy mayor position at the expense of your preferred candidate? Citizen


Listen to Munshya wa Munshya


Munshya wa Munshya in his column on 23rd September, 2016 wrote that “Zambians are by nature very religious and superstitious.” In certain parts of this society, I bet, this may not sound complimentary! Notwithstanding all dispositions, in this debate, Munshya agrees with opposing views to create a Religious Ministry. Further, he advises Pentecostals to find common ground with ZCCB and CCZ for the church to remain ‘the conscience of the society’ without the use of secular Cabinet circulars. I rest my case.

Eric Nawa, Chongwe


Zambian women deserve better


Poverty in the country can only be eradicated if more women join politics and take part in decision making. Women understand the poverty their families go through on a daily basis and as such, they would make good leaders. Women in leadership also should think of other women and participate wherever they can.  If possible, they should contest various positions in their political parties. I want to challenge women to desist from being used as tools for campaigning and dancing for male politicians. Female politicians in most cases are used to campaign for various portfolios at party and national level. Female politicians are always on the ground organising the party structures, dancing when male politicians visit these areas and campaigning for them but I feel they should also be given a chance.

Kennedy Munyemesha


Church mother bodies scared of something


I am really baffled by the stance taken by the church mother bodies that feel that the creation of the Ministry of Religious Affairs is not necessary. For real Christian men and women of God should be very positive and should welcome this move by Government. It will mean affairs of the church will have a mouth piece in Cabinet. This will not take away the powers of the church mother bodies. It will just streamline religious affairs in the nation. It seems to me that these bodies are scared of something. Their reaction is really baffling. I call upon President Lungu not to tolerate on this noble gesture.



MPs should debate and amend new constitution


Parliament will soon be in session. Members of Parliament should implement the directive to revisit the amended Constitution because of ambiguities in some articles. I recommend the following:

1.The Electoral Council of Zambia should be protected from political mercenaries like those we watched attacking ECZ verbally at Mulungushi Conference center.

2.The use of English only in the House eliminates some wisdom expressed in local language vocabulary. Consideration should be given to the use of local languages as widely used during campaigns.

3.Elections should be held in two days.

J.V, Kafue


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