Yes, investigate alarmist Masebo-Saunders

Wed, 09 Jan 2013 11:23:40 +0000

Calls to set up a tribunal to investigate Tourism Minister Sylvia Masebo should be supported by all well meaning Zambians, says political analyst Dante Saunders.

Speaking to the Daily Nation yesterday, Mr Saunders said Ms Masebo’s statement was alarming to the nation and as such it should not be allowed to go scot-free for the security of the country.

He said it would be prudent if an action was taken, because such a careless statement was meant to alarm the country.

Mr Saunders said cabinet Ministers should be careful with the way they make pronouncements in public on the basis that they were holding important positions.

He stated that the Tourism Minister’s statement that foreign airplanes were freely entering and leaving the country undetected was a seriously statement that could endanger the country’s security situation.

“I wonder why some cabinet Ministers are so careless in the way they come out in public, such statements must not be supported by those who mean well for the security of the nation,” he said.

And Mr Saunders said setting up a tribunal to investigate her would be the best way, and as such would deter others from opening their mouths anyhow, and compromise the security of the nation.

He claimed that such statements were likely to cause breach of the peace and a threat to the national security.

And Gallant Youth in Zambia (GYZ) has demanded for the resignation of Ms Masebo because she was posing a threat to the national security.

GYZ director Henry Mulenga told the Daily Nation that the national security was at risk because of careless statements made by government leaders.

He said that Mr Sata should now prove to the nation that he was a man of action, by taking an action on an issue pronounced by Ms Masebo.

He called on the security wings to take caution on the statement made by Ms Masebo, adding that she should be thoroughly investigated.

Mr Mulenga charged that some cabinet Ministers were not suited for public office because they were failing to explain national issues but instead were issuing irrelevant statements that were posing a threat to the nation.

He also appealed to other government Ministers to stop issuing careless statements that were bound to put the security of the nation at risk.

Mr Mulenga stated that President Sata should wake up and realize what people had been advising him on his cabinet.

“And because there is no discipline in the PF government, anyone who feels can say anything on what she or he wants, and that is denting the image of the country.”

He alleged that the PF government’s lack of policy on issues to do with the country’s development showed that there was no coordination in government.

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