Zambia’s economy trend positive-JCTR

Thu, 01 Dec 2016 09:52:16 +0000


ZAMBIA’s economy is showing positive signs of performing well but what is needed is the implementation of the Government’s economic growth policies that are being promulgated, Jesuit Centre for Theological Reflection JCTR director Leonard Chiti has said.

Fr. Chiti has observed that while the country had in some instances failed to put into action good plans or act on the pronouncements, there was still hope that the country’s economy would continue on a positive growth trend.

Fr. Chiti noted that Zambia has had economic challenges but with the evident political will on the part of Government, there was hope that the growth would maintain a positive trajectory.

He said the only way to keep on track was to increase production through pursuing policies that appeared to be capable of driving the economy such as the agriculture sector, among other things.

Fr. Chiti said it would, therefore, be helpful for Government to critically address the adverse effects of subsidy removal on fuel and electricity in its economic recovery plan. “We urge that the saved funds be used transparently and in a manner that will benefit the poor and the nation at large,” Fr Chiti said. He explained that the reduced inflation rates should tally with the reduction in commodity prices so that it had a meaningful impact to the livelihood of the people, saying such could be so if only there was an increase of production so that the amount of goods available on the market could meet the demand.

“The more we produce, the more we are growing our economy and it is possible if we implement all the good policies put in place,” he said.

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