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‘Bring Covid-19 vaccine fast to save DOCTORS AND MEDICS’


GOVERNMENT has been urged to expedite the acquisition of Covid-19 vaccines to save the lives of frontline workers exposed to the deadly virus.

The Resident Doctors Association Zambia (RDAZ) said that in as much as Government was trying to establish which vaccine would be best considering the emerging variant in the country, it was important that the process was expedited.

The association said this following the high number of health workers who have contracted the virus across the country.

RDAZ president, Isaac Sakala, said in an interview yesterday considering the high risk the health workers were facing, it would only be right that Government expedited the acquisition of the vaccine.

“We know that Government is steady and wants to ensure that it does not procure a vaccine that will not be potent with the prevailing variant we have in the country. But they should think of the health workers because they are at higher risk than any other profession,” he said.

Dr Sakala stated that the need to have the vaccine for everyone could however not be overemphasized as it was the only way that would save the population.

He observed that it was important that Zambians were aware that the only way to win the Covid-19 fight was by having the vaccine in the country considering the increasing numbers.


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