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Dear Editor, OOUTGOING Choma Central Member of Parliament Cornelius Mweetwa’s attempt to rescind his decision to opt for early political retirement is an indication that UPND takes Zambians for granted. Firstly, Mr Mweetwa told the nation that he did not intend to go for his third term because he wanted to give chance to the young people. We agree with his first earlier position to give chance to young people as his stay in Parliament has added little relevance on national issues apart from promoting the narrow interests of Zambia’s most rejected Presidential candidate, Hakhinde Hichilema. The sudden somersault and reversal of his earlier decision concerning his political future raises the question of integrity or lack of integrity thereof. We say so because integrity demands that a person should stand by their words irrespective of the circumstances.

 Mr Mweetwa has lamentably failed to stand by his decision upon realising that his leader has no future. Mr Mweetwa admitted that he could not be part of Parliament presided by the PF as the party in power. He admitted that after August Zambians will renew the mandate of President Edgar Lungu for another five years.

We are made to conclude that Mr Mweetwa is frustrated and tired of being in opposition and having listened to Mr Hichilema who has no record of service in Government. He should be regretting all the wasted effort and with unrealistic dreams that a miracle would happen for Mr Hichilema to accidentally find himself in State House when his message was not appealing and attractive in the estimation of the Zambian people.

Mr Mweetwa is among the undecided politicians and especially in the sight of glaring inconsistencies. He cannot disguise his poor decision-making skills on the pretext of consultations. We believe he should have consulted first before opening his mouth to mislead the people of Zambia.

Maybe he thought of foregoing the Choma parliamentary seat on the basis of his far-fetched dream that he would bounce back as an adopted MP which was unrealistic. Let Mr Mweetwa learn to be consistent if he is to win back the trust of young political leaders. MARVIN CHANDA MBERI, Lusaka

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