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THERE is no law that forbids Government to give gifts during an election year, says Chief Chikanta of Southern Province.

Chief Chikanta said Government programmes should not be stopped because of an election.

He said Government had been empowering various groups of people including marketeers, youths and churches.

“There is nothing wrong with receiving gifts from Government in form of empowerment or just mere gifts.

“This is not the first time this country is holding an election and I do not think it is right for us to politicise everything,” Chief Chinkata said.

He said Government’s programme to empower churches has been there for some time.

“Today to say Churches should not receive gifts when others have received within this year is totally wrong,” he said.

Chief Chinkata said the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) as a Government institution should continue functioning whether there is an election or not.

“There are schools that have had their roofs blown off, some areas are flooded and DMMU should not stop operating,” Chief Chinkata said.

He said Government should continue operating normally and projects such as construction of roads should not stop.

Chief Chinkata said Government programmes should not be politicised as it would affect some sections of society.

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