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‘Bishop Lungu being hypocritical’

…. Catholic Church has benefited from Govt donations- BIGOCA


THE Catholic Church has greatly benefited from Government donations so it is hypocritical for Bishop George Lungu to stop church members from accepting gifts from the State, the Bible Gospel Church in Africa (BIGOCA) overseer Bishop Peter Ndlovu has said.

Bishop Ndlovu said that people who had benefitted from various empowerment programmes had appreciated and that their lives had changed.

 “Recently we saw the Secretary General for the Patriotic Front donating huge sums of money to the Catholic Church on the Copperbelt. Why didn’t they refuse? So to me it is totally hypocritical.

“Let us not politicize empowerment because it is aimed at empowering people,” he said.

Bishop Ndlovu said people who were condemning the empowerment programme did not mean well to people who were suffering.

He said it was unfortunate that some church mother bodies were criticizing government’s Church empowerment programme when it was intended to better the lives of church members.

Bishop Ndlovu said it was unfair for church leaders to tell their members not to participate in the empowerment when it was intended to better their lives. He said although some mother bodies were stopping members from participating, these same churches had been benefiting from Government and politicians who had been contributing to various denominations.

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