Dear Editor,

ONE of the famous expressions on the integrity of works protected by copyright states “Plagiarism is infra digitatem advocatus” (which means “plagiarism is beneath the Lawyer’s dignity”).

This expression basically demeans any attempts by authors to misrepresent other people’s works as theirs. It is therefore saddening that the United Party for National Development (UPND) have been entrapped into allegations of having copied the works from other jurisdictions.

By its nature, a political manifesto is a document that basically after undertaking qualitative analysis of the challenges faced is compiled to be responsive and offer practical solutions to the problems faced.

The shoddy manifesto comprising pictures from foreign countries such as Jamaica and other extracts from well-known websites clearly shows that the UPND manifesto is detached from the reality which the Zambian people are facing.

It is clear that the contents of the documents were not at all based on the evidence-based research but supposedly based on desk work by the hired technocrats.

The intellectual quality of UPND’s manifesto has been brought to public scrutiny after being exposed.  The people of Zambia should therefore be wary of political parties seeking election based on deception and misrepresentation through the unrealistic contents of the UPND’s supreme document.

The plagiarism allegations have also exposed the UPND and Mr Hakainde Hichilema that their allegiance is not to the Zambian people but to foreign affiliations. While they had sufficient time to prepare a coherent document, the valuable time was wasted on other issues which did not add value to the nation.

It is therefore our belief that the manifesto has not provided any viable alternative to the social economic development programmes that the Patriotic Front is implementing.  The PF manifesto has been based on the evidence-based research which appreciate recommendations from Zambians from all walks of life. MARVIN CHANDA MBERI,


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