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ANOTHER choreographed video of the abducted Hatembo siblings who have been missing for the last two months has been posted on social media.

Again, the narrative suggests that the siblings are running away from FDD president Edith Nawakwi who had threatened to have them killed.

Keen observers have rubbished the videos as being contrived and a poor unprofessional attempt to divert attention from the abduction and more importantly alleged fraud by Mr Hakainde Hichilema involving the farm number 1024 in Kalomo.

A family member has expressed serious doubts about the authenticity of the video.

The sudden appearance of the Hatembo siblings Pheluna and Milton in a video, a few days after accused persons in their suspected abduction were released from custody has worried family members because they have no access to the duo, family spokesperson Lucky Muchimba has said.

Speaking in an interview, Mr  Muchimba said the abduction of the Hatembo siblings especially Pheluna had left the family disturbed because she left a sick child who requires constant care.

Mr Muchimba said the family still believe that their missing relatives were being held hostage by political criminals who wanted to attain power at all cost. 

He maintained that the video was staged because as family they have not seen the two siblings nor have they had contact with them, for the last three momths.

He said the latest video was staged to dupe Zambians into believing that Madam Nawakwi was behind their current situation when she was trying to help the family.

Mr Muchimba said the family was shocked by the video and called on the police to use all means possible to identify the place where the video was shot and the individuals behind it.

He said ZICTA should trace the origins of the video to help them find the Hatembo siblings so that his mother-in-law could take over the care of her special needs daughter, Nasilele.

In the latest video, which has gone viral, Pheluna and Milton are seen in a room with no other people   denouncing FDD leader Edith Nawakwi, in a manner the family say was scripted by the abductors to dupe members of the public.

The Hatembos are seen denouncing Ms Nawakwi and accused her of trying to use them for her own political expediency.  They denied that they were being held against their will but that the truth was that they were running away from Ms Nawakwi.

The Hatembo accused Ms Nawakwi of threatening to kill them if they refused to cooperate in a matter in which they refused to appeal against a High Court ruling in favour of UPND President Hakainde Hichilema concerning an alleged fraudulent transaction of farm number 1924 Kalomo.

The matter was thrown out on account of being time barred. 

In the video, the Hatembos are heard pleading with Zambians especially the women organizations to sit Ms Nawakwi down and persuade her to leave them alone but could not state where they were stationed.

Ms Nawakwi on the other hand has accused Mr Hichilema of habouring the Hatembos to prevent them from being witnesses in criminal cases reported to police by Equity and Economic Party (EEP) president, Chilufya Tayali.

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