The area has of late record- ed massive infrastructure transformation which has impacted positively on the livelihood of the locals.

  1. Among the notable de- velopments Lubusha has exe- cuted in Chipangali constitu- ency includes the road sector. Roads make a crucial contri- bution to Chipangali’s eco- nomic development and this brings important social ben- efits. In addition, providing access to employment, social, health and education services makes a road network crucial in fighting against poverty. Roads tend to open up more areas hence stimulating the economic and social develop- ment of the constituency. To this effect, Andrew Lubusha has rehabilitated the 54Km Mgubudu via Mafuta- Chinunda road which has greatly stimulated economic activities in Chipangali. This is a milestone achievement.
    Furthermore Mr Lubusha has successfully rehabilitated a stretch of 100Km of roads leading to schools, palaces and clinics. This has eased the movement of people and essential materials to these facilities.
  2. Education in every sense is one of the fundamental
    factors of development as it raises people’s productivity and creativity and to a great extent promotes enterprenu- ership and technological ad- vances. In addition it plays a very crucial role in securing economic and social progress and improving income distri- bution especially for the rural population. To actualise the output of education, Andrew Lubusha has embarked on the construction of the first ever KAPATAMOYO sec- ondary School and works are progressing well. The school will significantly help in erad- icating some bad vices such as early marriages and drug abuse among boys and girls.
  3. Andrew Lubusha recog- nises the fact that the health of women, mothers and chil- dren in Chipangali constit- uency is fundamental to the development of the constitu- ency and Zambia at large.
    To support the advocacy for increasing access to ma- ternal health, Mr Lubusha is spearheading the construc- tion of Kapara Maternity which will cater for a large population. This will greatly improve women’s and chil- dren’s health in the area.
    Other health projects being undertaken include the construction of toi- lets and mother’s shelter at Mshawa’s Clinic, construc- tion of Maternity ward at Chanyumbu health center and the stocking of health centers with beds, mattress- es, blankets, bedsheets just to mention a few.
    Andrew Lubusha remains the people’s favourite in Chipangali constituency as he recognises the fact that the ultimate purpose of develop- ment should be to improve the prosperity and well-be- ing of each individual in Chipangali constituency and Zambia at large.
    He has earned kudos from the people and traditional leaders for his commitment to better the lives of people of Chipangali. He is the man with the people, for the people.

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