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THE Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA) has summoned Muvi TV to appear before the Authority to answer to specific concerns over the program where it featured Economic and Equity Party (EEP) president Chilufya Tayali on Saturday.

Recently, the private TV station was again cautioned by the IBA for unprofessional conduct when it featured Poor People’s Party President Mr. Alex Muliokela.

In a statement issued to the Daily Nation by IBA Director General, Josephine Mapoma, the Authority said it is appalled by the continued professional misconduct of Muvi Television.

“The Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA) is appalled by the conduct of Muvi Television when it hosted Economic and Equity Party President Mr. Chilufya Tayali on its Special Assignment Programme aired on Saturday, 15th May, 2021,” she stated.

Ms Mapoma said barely three weeks ago, Muvi TV was cautioned by the IBA for the same unprofessional conduct and directed to exercise good judgement and take ethical considerations seriously, regardless of whether a programme is paid for or not.

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