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By KETRA KALUNGA                                          

Four women of Kabwe district have demanded  a refund of over K10, 000 from the municipal council which was paid as service charge for plots located near the main sewer drainage in Kotondo township.

The affected women said they turned down the plots after realizing  that the plots allocated were right across the sewer line which usually bursts during the rainy season.

Mary Lungu said on behalf of the other three women that land officers at the council asked them to pay a service charge of K6, 800 before being shown the plots.

Ms. Lungu who is a widow said in an interview that they were obliged to pay the said amount because the officers told them that they would only show them the plots if they paid the service charge.

“We all paid. I paid K 1, 800, Jessy Zuku and Racheal Musonda paid K 1000 each and Less Sinalungu paid the total of K6, 800,” she said.

Ms. Zulu said after refusing to take the plots allocated in Hills Park near the newly constructed Katondo Mini Hospital, they were told to write a complaint letter.

She said the council in their response refused to give them alternative land saying they had no land available for offer them as replacement.

Ms. Zulu said they  were  now demanding that the Kabwe manicipal council refund them because they have no alternative land to give them.

But Kabwe town clerk, Joel Shawa said when contacted said the matter concerning the four women has not been brought before his office.

Mr. Shawa has since urged the affected women to report the matter to his office so that it could be addressed affectively.

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