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I am re-contesting my seat as councillor for Ngwerere Ward 19 so that I continue pushing for development in the ward and Mandevu constituency, aspiring and incumbent councilor Adrian Banda has said.

Mr Banda said that his love for people of the ward and constituency has made him to continue as a councilor and serve the people of Mandevu.

He said that during his tenure of office with the support of the outgoing Member of Parliament Jean Kapata and other councilors, he , tried his best to deliver development to the people.

Mr Banda said that he will continue engaging the people of Mandevu constituency and Ngwerere ward 19 in ensuring that the lives of the people are improved.

“In my last term of office working together with former member of parliament Jean Kapata we tried by all means to bring development in the area and I hope that people vote for me and the adopted member of parliament Christopher Shakafuswa and President Edgar Lungu so that we continue delivering what we promised the people,“ he said.

He said that development can only be guaranteed once people continue with the current government under the Patriotic Front.

On Wednesday Mr Banda filled his nomination at Ngwerere primary school where the Electoral Commission of Zambia had set up  a nomination center.

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