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THE United Movement for Kola Bemba Kingdom should stop speaking on behalf of Bembas because it does not exist and its acclaimed leader Boniface Besa Bwalya is speaking for himself, Chief Chikwanda has said.

Chief Chikwanda said that the Bemba Royal Establishment did not complain about President Edgar Lungu’s remark “that among every 10 Bembas six are thieves,” because the remark came from a tribal cousin.

He was reacting to claims by Mr Bwalya that the appointment of Professor Nkandu Luo as the running mate was meant to silence Bembas over the remark.

Chief Chikwanda said President Lungu’s remark bordered on tribal cousinship, no wonder no Bemba complained.

He said that the Bemba Royal Establishment had a council called the Ilamfya, represented by 72 Bashi Lubemba which does not recognise the United Movement for Kola Bemba Kingdom.

He wondered who was sponsoring Mr Bwalya to raise an issue which happened years back when no one complained about it.

He observed that Prof Luo was appointed on merit and that she would replace a fellow female Vice President.

And Chief Mpepo warned the United Movement of Bemba to Kola Kingdom to stop abusing the Bemba people.

“Mr Bwalya should stop using the name of Bemba to advance their tribal and personal political agendas,” he said.

Mr Bwalya alleged that the appointment was meant to silence those who had complained about President Lungu, branding Bembas thieves. He said that the Bembas were still wounded with President Lungu’s words.



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