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IT is a shame that some residents of Chimwemwe constituency in Kitwe do not have access to clean water 56 years after independence, Socialist Party parliamentary aspirant Stephen Chewe has said.

Mr Chewe said it was sad that despite Chimwemwe being declared a township in 1957, the constituency had been struggling to with water blues.

He said Chimwemwe was one of the largest constituencies in the country hence the urgent need to provide essential services to the people.

Mr Chewe was speaking in an interview in Kitwe.

“ It is also disappointing to learn that none of the 10 members of parliament that have so far served the constituency has ever thought of how to handle the situation.

“ We want to see the change in the way prioritise our agendas as leaders once elected into office. We need to first consider the people that vote for us to be in these offices,” he said.

Mr Chewe said once elected as MP for the constituency, he would ensure that the problem was top of the to-do list on his agenda.

He added that the need to have the water supply maximised in the area could not be over emphasized.

Mr Chewe said the trend of seeing people especially women running up and down with containers looking for water every morning needed to come to an end.

He advised the people in the constituency to not look at faces but vote for a person who will show interest in addressing the many challenges that the area was faced with.

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