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IT is hypocrisy of the highest order for Harry Kalaba to only see and point out wrongs in Government after falling out of favour with the ruling party, stakeholders have said.

UNIP and the Zambian DNA observed that Mr Kalaba was not seeing the alleged wrongs in Government when he was living lavishly and enjoying the goodies that came with being a Cabinet minister.

Zambian DNA spokesperson, Spuki Mulemwa said Mr Kalaba was a hypocrite who should not be taken seriously.

This follows claims by Mr Kalaba that Zambia had lost its freedom under the current government.

And UNIP Lusaka Province Chairman, Allan Malawo said it was shallow for Mr Kalaba to claim that there was no freedom in Zambia. “When we have a set of shallow minded politicians who have amassed I’ll gotten wealth and now want to use the back door without any information despite having served at the foreign ministry for that matter! What a Shame,” Mr Malawo said.

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