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CHISHIMBA Kambwili has formally reported UPND’s Gary Nkombo to police for criminal libel for allegedly suggesting that the former Roan MP had abducted and kept UPND president Hakainde Hichilema’s relatives in his house.

Mr Kambwili told reporters outside Lusaka Central Police that he reported Mr Nkombo because the allegation of abduction was a criminal offense which he should substantiate and police should investigate.

He said he had called Mr Nkombo to explain what he meant but had not heard from him despite promising that he would get back to him after he found the woman who had allegedly given him the information.

Meanwhile former Mbabala UPND Member of Parliament Ephraim Belemu has said demands by Mr Nkombo that former ministers vacate Government houses attest that the UPND is not humane.

Mr Belemu also said the demands by the UPND chairperson for elections, Mr Nkombo were a recipe for anarchy as some people would believe his claims that the former ministers were illegally occupying Government houses.

He said in an interview that Mr Nkombo was not the best person to demand that ministers vacate Government houses, barely two weeks after they vacated office.

Mr Belemu said the law was very clear and that it was not Mr Nkombo’s duty to start making illegal demands.

“It is wrong for Mr Nkombo to make demands over something that is well known. The law is very clear on this and Mr Nkombo is not the right person as a former MP to make such claims. This is a recipe for anarchy,” he said.

Mr Belemu wondered why Mr Nkombo who was a former MP would demand that ministers vacate Government houses.

He said that what Mr Nkombo was demanding could lead to anarchy because some individuals who do not understand issues would agree with him.

“The law is clear to guide when the ministers are supposed to vacate houses it’s not for individuals to demand.

“I don’t know what my brother was thinking for him to issue that statement because that is what causes confusion as someone who does not understand would agree with him that the chairperson for elections said that,” Mr Belemu said.

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