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THE electorate must analyse all candidates and choose those that they are able to represent them effectively in parliament, Patriotic Front (PF) Kwacha constituency candidate Joe Malanji has said

Mr Malanji said some politicians were using lies and propaganda to try and convince the electorate to vote for them in August 12 elections.

He was speaking in an interview after filing his nominations at Kwacha Primary School in Kitwe.

Mr Malanji said while most of the PF parliamentary candidates had shown capacity to represent the electorate effectively, some opposition candidates were seeking to become MPs for personal interests

“So my plea to the people of Kwacha and Zambia in general is that they should not be excited by campaign promises from some opposition politicians, but must look at the capacity of some candidate to deliver development,” Mr Malanji said.

Mr Malanji also said the economic challenges that the country was facing had not been brought up by the PF Government but arose from effects of the Covid-19 which had affected various economies of the World.

“It is sad that, in their desperation to form government, the opposition politicians were even promising Zambians that they will stop the Covid-19. These are lies which desperate people tell. They can even promise a bridge where there is no river or stream,” he said.

And Socialist Party candidate, Grace Namunyola, said the battle for Kwacha constituency has just started and that she was not intimidated despite being a youthful female candidate in the race dominated by men.

Ms Namunyola said she would work hard to convince the people of kwacha constituency to vote for because she has brilliant ideas.

“Yes, I have successfully filed my nomination papers for Kwacha constituency and this is where the battle for August 12 elections starts. The people of Kwacha will make a decision which candidate and political party to vote for,” Ms Namunyola said.

Others who filed in the nomination papers but opted not to say anything were Newton Chabala from the National Democratic Congress and Charles Mulenga from the UPND, while Stephen Mushanda did not turn up.

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